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With effect from 1st April 2020 the 4 Humber CCGs have commissioned a new look IMT service for the Humber region through a company called N3i. A key element of that service provision is a full Information Governance Service delivered directly to GP Practices across the area by a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Should you wish to contact N3i with any Information Governance related question please do not hesitate to do so. All queries should be logged direct with the N3i Service desk and if you can highlight them as IG we will endeavour to get directly back to you with a response.

We are actively developing different methods of communication as we go forward and as you can see here this includes single topic briefings, newsletters, email and blogs as well as webinars and online training and awareness sessions. These will relate to topical issues of how to operate and share data safely and securely during the Coronavirus outbreak, how you can maintain confidentiality when working from home, as well as details of our Data Protection Officer service which is available to all GP Practices.

Barry Jackson and Sarah Cunningham
Barry Jackson and Sarah Cunningham

The IG service will be delivered by Barry Jackson and Sarah Cunningham. Barry has more than 20 years’ experience working on Information Governance across Primary Care whilst sarah has a background in Teaching and working in Primary Care.

Please log any request for information or advice related to Information Governance on the N3i service desk. This will ensure it gets directly to us and we can provide you with the most efficient service.

The contact details for the service desk are: