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GPDPR and Type 1 Opt Outs

Published 28/05/2021

This blog has been prepared in response to a number of practices receiving requests for Type 1 Opt Outs and tries to set out the existing and developi...

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Privacy notice

Published 25/05/2021

It is a requirement of UK GDPR that organisations have in place a way to inform individuals about how their information will be used. This is generall...

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Data Security & Protection Toolkit 2020/21

Published 16/03/2021

The current reporting period for the DS&PT is end of September 2020 to end of June 2021. Many practices may want to submit at the end of March to main...

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SystmOne internal messaging system

Published 27/11/2020

This blog looks at the use and misuse of the messaging system which is built into SystmOne. I am going to highlight three incidents which I am pers...

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Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines

Published 10/11/2020

Gillick competence is the principle we use to judge capacity in children to consent to medical treatment. Fraser guidelines are used specifically for...

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